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'I help women over come self sabotage

so they can be strong, healthy & confident.'


This e-book touches the surface of the knowledge that we, Jodie Louise and Haley Madison, have gained through our own work, training and experiences. By reading this book, you will not only gain clarity about how to understand your intuition, but you will feel safe in honoring your path of awakening your intuitive nature.

I invite you to immerse into my newest


About Me

"You're not living the life, you're living your life"

- an ode from a friend

IIN Certified Holistic Coach, Reiki Practitioner & YTT Yoga Teacher 

I wish I could tell you that my holistic lifestyle, and the impact that it has had on my mind and body, was a gift I was born with.


It wasn’t. I would serve many of you a disservice to persuade you otherwise.


This stage of my existence is a great gift and i am grateful for every moment and every one i’ve met thus far, but my journey has been a cluster of intense, terrifying, painful, beautiful and raw experiences weaved into this life of mine.  


One thing that was innate, and is in all of us, is intuition. 


Life as I knew shifted dramatically when I began trusting......

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Women's 1:1 Health Coaching 

open for enrollment 

Unity Coaching 

this is a group coaching course designed to transform your life from soul to surface. We cultivate a strong and confident relationship with ourselves using the modalities of yoga, nutrition and emotional release. 

Limited space available- next group of unity runs from February 24th, 2020- March 30th, 2020

Ignite Your Intuition 


Immerse into Bali for a week of cleansing, connection, & practice 

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Meet Jodie 

Cofounder of Pure Lotus, and is an Intuitive guide, Detox Specialist, Shamanic Atrologist and Photographer. 

"Ever since I was little, I knew there was so much more to life. I constantly questioned what people told me and I took my health very seriously. I was obsessed with detox, fasting and seeing holistic specialists. Over the years I’ve seen more than a hundred different practitioners, read many books and trained in various courses. Do you know what I learnt? To listen to my bodies wisdom…

I remember the day this clicked to me and I knew it was time to look inward to be led by what my body was telling me. After becoming unwell with many unexplained health conditions I went on a journey of self-discovery to explore nutrition, alternative diets and various self-development techniques. I learnt to listen to my inner guidance, not what worked for someone else or what Google told me was best. 

For years I attracted....."

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