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About Me

"You're not living the life, you're living your life"

- an ode from a friend

IIN Certified Holistic Coach, Reiki Practitioner & YTT Yoga Teacher 

I wish I could tell you that my holistic lifestyle, and the impact that it has had on my mind and body, was a gift I was born with.


It wasn’t. I would serve many of you a disservice to persuade you otherwise.


This stage of my existence is a great gift and i am grateful for every moment and every one i’ve met thus far, but my journey has been a cluster of intense, terrifying, painful, beautiful and raw experiences weaved into this life of mine.  


One thing that was innate, and is in all of us, is intuition. 


Life as I knew shifted dramatically when I began trusting......

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Women's 1:1 Health Coaching 

open for enrollment 

Unity Coaching 

this is a group coaching course designed to transform your life from soul to surface. We cultivate a strong and confident relationship with ourselves using the modalities of yoga, nutrition and emotional release. 

Limited space available- next group of unity runs from February 24th, 2020- March 30th, 2020

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Immerse into Bali for a week of cleansing, connection, & practice 

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