About Me

"You are not living the life, you are living your life."

-an ode from a friend

IIN Certified Holistic Health Coach, Reiki Practitioner & Certified Yoga Instructor


I wish I could tell you that my holistic lifestyle, and the impact that it has had on my mind and body, was a gift I was born with.


It wasn’t. 


I would serve many of you a disservice to persuade you otherwise.


This stage of my existence is a great gift and i am grateful for every moment and every one i’ve met thus far, but my journey has been a cluster of intense, terrifying, painful, beautiful and raw experiences weaved into this life of mine.  


One thing that was innate, and is in all of us, is intuition. 


Life as I knew shifted dramatically when I began trusting my intuition. 


Five years ago, my life looked, felt, and was very different. 


I wasn’t happy, I wasn’t particularly healthy, rather I was numb. 

In My Journal you can learn about my upbringing. 


Albeit challenging and turbulent, it directed me and shaped me into who I am.


An old soul experiencing physical life in a 24 year olds body, who loves to grow and eat plants, wants to save the world, and loves others relentlessly. 


My greatest motivation has been the ones closest to my heart - who also happen to struggle to live their potential, who settle for self-destruction, addiction, and stress.


They have shown me that there are alternative options. 


In my late teens something within me was triggered, like a light was turned on.


I realized I could either flow with the winds of toxic influences in my life or I could meet my highest self.


Now, I strive to embody a way being that nurtures the development of my happiest self- through holistic healing and health.


I've had many of you reach out to me over the years seeking solace, support, and inspiration. You have been the catalyst of my growth.

Now, I aim to share my story and the lessons I learn along the way. 


My goal is to provide you with inspiration, motivation, and the resources to cultivate the drive to achieve your own aspirations. Based on your own vision happiness and health. 


​The thing is, there are no secret shortcuts to sustainable health and happiness… My methodology is simple – stay in tune, lean in, and learn about yourself. 


Identify what makes you happy and brings you joy.


Know what dims your light and sucks your energy. Only from this perspective will you be able to set achievable and realistic goals, goals that you will meet.

It has taken me five years to honor my light…

I am grateful and blessed each day for my deep understanding of self, for my plant-based, yoga flowing, energy working, writing, traveling, exploring, self-honoring journey and this incredible ability to guide other souls to their highest self.

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