Calling All Women..

Discover the wisdom of your body and embrace your highest self

Dear sister,


If you are reading this, it is because you are ready for a lifestyle change.


I know this because it was only four years ago I found myself where you are now- searching for guidance while transitioning into a healthier lifestyle.


I see you. I understand you. 


Through experience, I have found that "quick fixes" and "diets" do not work, rather committing to a lifestyle change is the solution.


We are all different and it is important that we individually become an expert on ourselves


It has taken me over the course of four years to gradually cut back on foods that were not benefiting my health-making me feel sick, bloated, tired, depressed, and causing my skin to break out.


It also took me years of anxiety and confusion to realize I needed to face a lot of traumas I was suppressing.


Through that time I dove into my studies - studying with IIN (Integrative School of Nutrition),  ytt yoga trainings, the Conscious Coach Academy and with Reiki masters.  

What took me four years to study and realize is achievable in the matter of months, being it takes on average 30 days to make or break a habit. 


The Rishi Method is the foundation of this program, and is a virtual support network for you and will guide you to cut back on major food groups, learn to listen to your body, overcome self sabotaging and transition into a healthier and happier self.


I will provide discipline, information, and motivation. Though, it will be your job to fully commit to twelve weeks of self growth and transformation.


It will be hard, it will challenge you, but the results will be fulfilling and life changing.



12 WEEK ACCESS to a virtual healing network and my online membership program

WEEKLY VIDEOS of guided meditations, personalised yoga flows, nutrition & intuitive eating lessons so you can heal your relationship with food and self. We go through each food group individually and focus in on what is it is that creates your negative eating habits and learn what your body needs to feel balanced, vibrant, and alive. We also have weekly mindset and internal work practices and activities, preparing you with confidence that you will not ever resort back to the habits you work through and let go of throughout the program. 

A VIRTUAL COMMUNITY to offer you extra support on your healing journey 

12 hours of  1:1 coaching sessions with me

&+ communication with me in-between calls Via the app WhatsApp!

Together we RISE,




Haley Madison

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Rise with me 

Because you are worth it

This program is for YOU if: ⁣

  • you are too bust to prioritize your health. 

  • you are "to busy" to put yourself first.

  • you have a hard time saying NO!

  • you want to gain control over your cravings. 

  • you have success in your career but are lacking balance when it comes to diet, fitness and internal peace.

  • you want to be around other women who are choosing themselves to build a life based in their authentic self.

  • you are tired of going back to old habits, where you find yourself anxious and ungrounded. 

  • you are confused on how to set boundaries and form healthy relationships. 

You are qualified if you’re a women who is ready to commit to her health and happiness. 

If you crave:⁣  

  • strong connection between your mind/body

  • balance in your life

  • true education on nutrition

  • a community of women

  • a better emotional relationship with wellness

  • better time management

  • strong boundaries

  • more time for yourself

Then this opportunity to transform your life is for you. 



New Jersey, age 22

Aiesha Hanson

Brisbane, age 21

Ana Nguyen

New Jersey, age 24

Adina Bissaccia 

Arizona, age 22

Chelsea Smith 

New York, age 26

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