Community Womans Circle

Cross Country Tour 

Calling all sisters,

It is our mission to create portals in the mist of this beautiful country with intention to heal wounds, bring sisters together and do our inner work.


We started these circles in Avalon, a little town on the coast of New Jersey. Our intention since the beginning is to provide a safe space for women to dive into themselves, connect with others, and remember the inner fire within us all.  


We hold the space to connect back to our inner guidance systems through breath and movement, to fully create and express from the heart, to find community, and foster our spiritual growth with support and acceptance from the women around us.


Together, we become empowered co-creators of our lives by getting quiet and still within ourselves... so that we can hear what our hearts truly need from us at this time. In the sacred circle, we harness the energy of the current moment so that when we leave this space, we are empowered in who we are and our purpose in the world. We come together to release trauma, weight or darkness lingering within our physical and emotional bodies. To come together as sisters and explore deep into the womb space and release guilt and shame. 

The world is changing and shifting at a rapid pace. Our work as women is to bring unity, wholeness and the embodiment of universal unconditional love back to the Earth.

Together we rise. 


Expect a yin class to release physical and emotional tension from the body, a guided meditation, an open circle to connect & share/listen to your sisters, pranayama / breathing techniques,

& an intimate sound healing.


We gather with intention to support each other to rise.

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Upcoming Circles: 

Ocean City, NJ 

Oct 13th 

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