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The Evolution Solution

TWELVE WEEK holistic transformation program created by Haley O'Neill

If you are reading this, it is because you are ready for a lifestyle change. I know this because it was only four years ago I found myself where you are now- searching for guidance while transitioning into a healthier lifestyle. I see you. I understand you. 

Through experience, I have found that "quick fixes" and "diets" do not work, rather committing to a lifestyle change is the solution. We are all different and it is important that we individually become an expert on ourselves. It has taken me over the course of four years to gradually cut back on foods that were not benefiting my health-making me feel sick, bloated, tired, depressed, and causing my skin to break out. Though I have broken down the process on how to- so you can immediately start seeing the results you want. 


2013- seventeen years old- stopped eating dairy due to the way my body suddenly began reacting to it (this triggered my health craze) 

2015- nineteen years old- began educating myself on food and quickly stopped eating red meats, packages foods, and refined sugars.

2016- twenty years old- stopped eating chicken once I learned how chickens are raised. 

2017- twenty one years old- took last bite of seafood, eggs, gluten, and began eating raw until four.

I have created the program "The Evolution Solution" because I believe the fundamentals of a healthy life begins with understanding your bodies needs vs. wants. What took me four years to study and accomplish is achievable in the matter of months. Reason being, it takes on average 30 days to make or break a habit.


This program is a virtual support network for you and will guide you as you to cut back on major food groups, listen to your body, and transition into a healthier self. The goal here is not to become vegan, though you may find that the plant based life style may be suitable for you, but the goal is to become a conscious eater by understanding which foods cause you to feel sick/bloated/tired/etc. 

I will provide discipline, information, and motivation. Though, it will be your job to fully commit to sixteen weeks of self growth. It will be hard, it will challenge you, but the results will be fulfilling and life changing.

Are you ready because the time is now.

What does this 16 week program include?

Glad you asked!

East Trail 

  • Fruit/Veggie Capsules 

  • Weekly informative emails regarding health facts, motivation, tips, flows, workouts, and references.

  • Accountability Coach and monthly check-ins with Hales.

West Trail 

  • Fruit/Veggie Capsules

  • Shakes

  • Access to the Healthstyle Emporium 

  • Weekly informative emails regarding health facts, motivation, tips, flows, workouts, and references.

  • Accountability coach and bi-weekly check-ins with Hales.