Are you ready to rise and step into your soul's purpose?

Pure Lotus is a community created by us, Haley Madison and Jodie Louise. Our mission is to support you to detox your body, overcome fear, release trauma, and connect with like minded souls to guide you to rise.


We believe the key to feeling free starts with a healthy gut and living in harmony with your emotions.

Combined, we have over 16 years lived experience in nutrition, detox, emotional freedom, shadow work, yoga, astrology, reiki, breath work and more. As global travelers, we love to learn how cultures around the world eat and take care of their health. We have both been on a journey of self-discovery from a young age, which inspired us to study a variety of transformational healing modalities. After all the study, we learnt the greatest tool was within us all along; we all have everything you need inside of us to heal.

When you learn to listen to your body you become empowered in your own skin, enabling you to live your life to its fullest.

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This e-book touches the surface of the knowledge that we, Jodie Louise and Haley Madison, have gained through our own work, training and experiences. By reading this book, you will not only gain clarity about how to understand your intuition, but you will feel safe in honoring your path of awakening your intuitive nature.

A women’s detox retreat in Bali to discover

the language of your heart

Uluwatu, Bali Indonesia

12- 18 April 2020

Do you want to regain the trust in your intuition, connect with like minded women, immerse yourself in Bali culture & step into your life’s purpose? Join us for this beautiful Bali detox goddess retreat, where you will reconnect to the ancient wisdom of your spirit. Cleanse your body, mind & soul to ‘Ignite Your Intuition’ with transformational practices we have gathered from around the world.  

Together we will create a sacred space to balance & detox to enable you to decode the language of your body.  We guide you to tap into your intuitive powers while supporting you with your goals, fears, aspirations, traumas & desires to let go of what no longer serves you & welcome your full expression to shine. You will gain tools & practices on this Bali retreat to help you to create your own rituals to take home.

Together we rise, 


Haley Madison & Jodie Louise

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