|| Learning to find light in moments of solitude has been my biggest savior ||


Growing up the environment around me fed, and continues to feed, off the wind of toxic vibrations. I refuse to inhale. My voice has been put on steady mute as I witness the people I love the most destroy the purpose of their being. I would enable  addiction with attachment and liberate depression with innocence.


Harsh reality is that we will sometimes love someone more than they love them self. When you show a broken or lost person whole love it exposes holes within them self. Their way of reciprocating love may be in a rude matter. They may block you out or they may be mean to you. I used to let that reflect on me. I would accept their despair and make it my own. Id allow the decisions THEY make become set backs in MY life.


I tend to dissect something to love out of everyone I cross paths with. Though the rare moments I am exposed to raw love, I latch on at the most aggressive degree. Sometimes at an unbearable rate but that is because the love I know to give is the love I was craving in moments of deprivation.


Rendering love is a powerful force.


May the toxic influences around you motivate you to create more for yourself. Commit to making decisions solely based on YOUR OWN wellness.


Just because your friends or family do not acknowledge your voice doesn’t mean you don’t have one. Actions speak volume. You will find that as they awaken your energy becomes their addiction.


Healthy vibrations over power toxic forces.


Live to your highest self because that may be the influence the person you thought about while reading this needs to do the same.





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